Friday, January 13, 2012

More Kitchen Inspiration

I posted before about our Inspiration for our remodel of the kitchen area. We knew we wanted butcher block counter tops, black cabinets, brushed metal hardware and we planned on keeping the white backsplash. I think I also mentioned how we are taking out our upper cabinets and replacing them with shelves. When Eric first pitched this plan to me I had a little trouble envisioning it but once I started looking at a lot of interior design blogs I saw exactly what he was going for and I jumped on board. In case you were thinking we're crazy for replacing our cabinets with shelves here are some inspiration pictures so you can see the look we're going for. I think it will give the kitchen a much more modern look and opens up the space a lot.

Also, I have started the very first step of redoing our cabinets! I just redid one drawer so far so that I could test it out and make sure I like it. Well now that I have completed the first drawer I love it and can't wait to do the rest! I think it will make all the difference.  It's exciting to see progress, there should be more coming soon!

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