Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

During our Ikea trip yesterday we got majorly inspired and came up with a whole new plan for our Kitchen. There's no telling when all of this will actually happen but it's nice to have a gole in mind. The steps to making our dream kitchen would include:

-Tiling the floor
-Replacing the countertops
-Painting the cabinets
-Replacing the hardware on all the cabinets
-Maybe replacing the dishwasher (someday)

The thing that really got us going on this plan was looking at the countertops that Ikea has for sale. This is a section of the store that was pretty much invisible to me before I owned a house, I honestly forgot that they even sell stuff like that.  Now that we're home owners Ikea is all shiny and new to us, we are looking at things in a whole new way. And yes, I can't believe what a grownup I am getting all excited over countertops, it's sad really *shakes head disparagingly*

But I digress, I was talking about the countertops that sparked the idea for the new kitchen plan. It all started when we saw these solid wood countertops for sale. They are kind of gorgeous (you all know we have a thing for natural wood) and can be stained and treated in any way that you want. We started talking about how cool that would be in our kitchen but how it would be too much wood along with our wood cabinets so we would have to paint the cabinets rather than stain them like we originally planned. This is the general ida we came up with, Black cabinets, wood countertops, white backsplash, metal hardware. Check out my design inspiration pictures:

My favorite, the backsplash here even looks exactly like ours.

The best part about these wood countertops is how cheap they are, I got pretty excited about redoing the kitchen when I realized it would actually cost us all our savings. Anyway, like I said, I don't know when this project will happen or start to happen, I'm just blogging about it so that I keep my thoughts organized on what I want to do to the kitchen. I'll update everyone once we actually get started!

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