Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Morning Thrifting

Sunday just happens to be our local thrift store's 50% off day (provided you have the right coupons) and man did we score big this week! I couldn't resist a post about all our vintage goodies. I've recently become a passionate thrifter, we got everything pictured below plus some clothes for around $12.

Bowling bags, one for Eric and one for me! They came with balls that actually fit our fingers and mine came with shoes that not only fit me but are super cute!

They also make good dance shoes

My bowling bag, I thought it would make a cute little overnight bag. 

Eric's more manly bowling bag, how cute will we be on little weekend getaways with these things?

Wire basket for kitchen organization, I've wanted one of these for a while but was unwilling to pay 18 bucks for it.

Ikea bread box, we plan to hang it on the wall and using it more like a shelf, I'll post pictures when we figure it out :-)

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