Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Perfect Pulled Pork Sandwich

Today I made a sandwich so delicious I thought it was worth blogging about. It might have been that it was 3:30 in the afternoon and I hadn't had anything to eat all day but I tend to believe it really was that good. I found this awesome recipe for pulled pork online at I made it for dinner one night last week, it's great for low carb if you skip the bread and the the simple flavors of paprika, brown sugar and apple cider vinegar are to die for! I had a bunch leftover and decided to make this truly awesome pulled pork sandwich for lunch. I reheated the meat in a frying pan with the burner on high to cook out a little bit of the juice so that my bread wouldn't get soggy. I grilled the 5 grain sourdough bread in some butter in my cast iron skillet until it was nice and crispy and piled it up high with pulled pork. I then topped it with some of my home made coleslaw and enjoyed it with a cherry coke, yum! The cole slaw recipe is just red and green cabbage, shredded. Combine that with some finely sliced carrots, as much or little mayo as you choose, a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (I'm kind of in love with the stuff) and a dash of powdered mustard. I guess you could top your sandwich with some bottled BBQ sauce but honestly the pulled pork is so juicy and flavorful it really doesn't need it. I highly recommend you all go get you some BBQ on this fine autumn day :-)

Pure deliciousness 

Grilling bread in butter is now the only way I make toast. 

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