Friday, October 28, 2011

Panko Crusted Chicken and Autumn Salad

It has been a really really busy month at work for me and this translates in to not enough time to do things around the house. For one thing we are a little short handed so I've had to pick up some extra shifts, for another October is a huge baby month (apparently) so there have been lot's and lot's of them born every day lately. It definitely keeps me busy but I still try to cook new things occasionally. The other night I did an incredibly simple dish (largely due to lack of time) that turned out to be really tasty. Here it is,

This is all made from stuff I had leftover in the fridge and it just came together really well. I had this chicken I bought because it was on sale that I needed to use up so I dipped it in milk, dredged it in seasoned panko crumbs and pan fried it in olive oil. It took maybe 5 minutes on each side to cook and then I stuck it in the oven to keep warm while I made the salad. For the salad I used spinach as a base. I'm a huge fan of spinach salads, I prefer spinach to almost any other type of greenery in my salad. After that it was a matter of using up all the leftover veggies in my fridge so I added chopped celery and carrots, cucumber, and green onions. To give it an Autumn flavor I added chopped apple and dried cranberries and topped it with some slivered almonds and crumbled feta cheese. Over all this was a really tasty and easy meal to make. I used an asiago cheese salad dressing but I think the salad already has so many flavors that it would be better suited with just some oil and vinegar.

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