Friday, September 16, 2011

Guest Bathroom Mini Makeover

This week I spent some time working on the refinishing the cabinets in our guest bathroom. The idea was that I would practice on something small scale before tackling the kitchen cabinets later this year. The cabinets were in pretty bad shape in terms of their finish but they are still good, solid maple cabinets. Well it was a lot of working doing all that sanding and staining but it really gave the bathroom a facelift. Here are some pictures.

Before picture, the cabinets were stained a darker color and were pretty scratched up, they also had outdated brass hardware.

here they have been sanded but not yet stained

after, much lighter and it's nice to see the natural wood grain more

also got some shiny new hardware

and to top it off, a new hand towel my mother in law bought for me and a new outlet cover to match the hardware.
It's amazing how small changes can really transform a space! I love the feeling of having accomplished something on the house :-)