Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kitchen Sink!

Eric's parents came down this weekend and gave us the kick in the pants we needed to finally install our new kitchen sink. We have been hanging on to the thing forever but we were hesitant to start the project because tackling plumbing issues seems scary and overwhelming. Luckily, my father in law Don was happy to help and he and Eric spent the better part of the weekend installing the new sink, faucet and a section of butcher block counter. We still have a lot to do and the kitchen looks like a hot mess right now because of all the unfinished details but oh my gosh, what we do have in place looks gorgeous! I am totally in love with the new fixtures and the countertop, just this little bit is really helping me envision what the kitchen will look like when the whole remodel is done. Here are some pictures before, during and after :-)

Before, Eric had already ripped out the countertop in preparation for the new butcher block

Old Sink

Old faucet

Installing the new sink and butcher block

In progress, the sink has no faucet yet!

After, taa daa! Still kind of in progress since there is now a gap to the left of the sink and we are missing some tiles from the backsplash

The new sink is deeeep!

New faucet, so spiffy! It's fun because it has a normal mode and a sprayer mode and it's all flexible and easy to move around.

Another after shot, now I have to get on painting the rest of the cabinets!
 For the counter to the left of the sink we are thinking of using tile so that we have a safe place to set hot pans and an area that won't matter if it gets too wet so we can dry dishes and things over there. We're still figuring this one out but it is sure to be exciting! Right now I am just loving the new sink, washing dishes has never been so fun ;-)

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