Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Store Review- Burgurs Market

I usually have Wednesdays off from work and I have to say it is just lovely to have a day off in the middle of the week. I like to use these days to take care of errands and generally enjoy my town while it isn't crowded as it often is on weekends. Today I grabbed some lunch with my parents on Marietta Square at Vineyard Cafe (which was delicious but I'll save that for another post). I can't tell you how much I love Marietta. Having grown up here and then moving back as an adult I find that my affection for the city has only grown over time and I am so proud to watch it grow and develop.

I didn't have my camera with me today so i had to steal this picture from the internet.

One of my favorite spots in Marietta is Burgur's Market (1395 Canton Rd Marietta, GA 30066) and we were able to stop by there on our way back from lunch today. The market has a great selection of fresh local produce and plants as well as local honey, preserves and relishes. Apparently this is another of Alton Brown's favorite spots, the man has good taste :-) The quality of the plants I have bought there in the past has always been excellent and they have always been healthy and hearty (important for me since I don't have much of a green thumb and need all the help I can get). Today was my first time buy fresh produce there and I was impressed by the prices and the quality of the fruit I bought. Here is a picture of my haul from today, all told about $4.

I got a selection of apples and a few California navel oranges. 
I have been craving a lot of fruit at this stage in my pregnancy and I couldn't resist these beauties. They are quite a bit smaller than the monsters you find in the grocery store but in my mind this is good thing since they are a better snack size for me. I got some California navel oranges a big bag of Gala apples and the two dark apples in the middle are Arkansas Black apples which were advertised as tart but I found to be quite sweet with almost a vanilla flavor. I think they had a great flavor and are much more complex than your normal Red Delicious. It makes me want to try some more different varieties of apples, they have a lot kinds that I have never heard of at Burgur's and I will definitely sample some others next time I go back. 

I also got a really fun plant that I have no idea how to grow today, a pineapple! It was a gift from my Dad and I am pretty smitten with how adorable it is, now I have to look up how to care for it. It was about $10 at Burgur's. 

Next time you are in the neighborhood I highly recommend you check out Burgur's Market. Right now their plant selection is a little slim since it isn't quite planting season but if you go a little later this Spring you will find a great selection of beautiful quality plants. Even if you go now you will find some beautiful peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, fresh beans, apples and citrus. I promise that if you go once you will fall in love like I did and be back often.  

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