Sunday, February 12, 2012

We're Expecting!

This image is from a congrats card from my parents :-)

I've gone back and forth on the right time to announce this but I am tired of keeping it a secret (let's face it, I'm terrible at it anyway since I've already told just about everyone). Eric and I are expecting our first child in late September and we couldn't be happier!

It is completely overwhelming to be bringing a new life in to the world, I can't believe I have an actual person growing in me! It's like something out of a Sci Fi movie. Being parents is something that Eric and I have always known we wanted to do and we welcome the challenges and rewards that go along with it. I can't imagine anything more fulfilling than being a parent and I know that I am ready (well, as ready as I'll ever be).

If I've seemed standoffish, antisocial or just absent lately I do apologize and I hope that you won't take it personally. I have had round the clock nausea six the 6th week of my pregnancy and pretty much all I want to do is sleep and eat ice cream. I am also extremely emotional and prone to weepy meltdowns for no reason. Let me tell you, I'm *really* fun to be around right now ;-P

Eric has been a saint and is keeping me calm and well fed. The other night I asked him to pick up some orange sherbert on the way home from work for me and he came in with six pints of various ice creams, sorbets and sherberts and a bouquet of daisies, what a sweet heart :-) My parents have also been wonderful and it has made me sooo happy that we made the decision to move close by.

I want to thank everyone that we have told our big news to for all the love and support, you have all been amazing! We can't wait to meet our new family member and I will try to keep everyone updated here on the blog as the pregnancy develops. Yay for babies! Yay for our growing family! This is such an exciting time in our lives, thanks to everyone who is sharing in it with us :-)


  1. Congrats!!! I know that is one lucky baby- to be in your family!

  2. Congratulations - I know you'll be the best parents, and the kid gets some great grandparents! (but don't tell Gary he'll be grandpa)

  3. I'm a friend of Joanna's... congrats to you both! SO exciting!!!