Monday, January 13, 2014

A New All Purpose Bag For Me!

I recently finished what is probably my most ambitious sewing project to date and I am so pleased with the results I could bust! As the mom of a toddler I need to simplify my life wherever possible and while I I loved my cute diaper bag and purse I hated having two separate bags for different purposes. I felt like I was always moving things from one to the other and losing things in the process. What I needed was one bag that I could use for everything.

I went looking for a new bag that would suit my needs but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, at least not for a price I was willing to pay. I didn't want something that looked like a diaper bag because after a year of toting a big bulky thing like that around the thrill was gone. When you are pregnant with your first kid you are excited to get a diaper bag but the new wears off quickly, now I just want to feel like a normal person and carry a normal bag. I wanted a regular purse but something that would be big enough to stick a few diapers and wipes in.

After it occurred to me that I could probably make a bag that would fit all my needs I went snooping around online for free patterns. Seriously, how great is the internet? It has become so easy to teach yourself new skills because of the generosity of people who are willing to share their talents for free! I found this amazing free pattern and tutorial on Think Liz (thank you Liz! You are awesome!).

It was pretty easy to sew this little number up if a little time consuming but I had so much fun making it and the results are exactly what I wanted. I have been proudly toting my new bag around all weekend and have gotten lots of compliments. In the near future I am planning to make some matching accessories such as a wallet and diaper strap to help me keep things organized. There is nothing quite as gratifying as seeing a need for something in your life and being able to make something to fill it with your own hands!

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