Monday, January 6, 2014

Home Made Christmas Gifts

Now that Christmas is over I can reveal my home made presents from this past year. I didn't get as many done as I would like but here is what I ended up giving.

For my Dad and Eric I made these handy fire wood totes. I can't find the tutorial I used anywhere now but they were really easy and fun to make. It's always so hard to think of good hand made gifts for guys and these were the perfect thing.

For Echo's baby friends I sewed some little bath time buddies out of terry cloth. They are basically just wash clothes but so cute! I packaged them with little travel sized baby shampoos.

For my mom I made my first attempt at making an encaustic collage. It was definitely harder than I thought but fun to play with. I think I'd like to get a book and learn more about this process in the future.

My grown up friends got home made bees wax candles and a locally made food item (not made by me but bought at a cool store in Marietta which sells locally produced items).

That's it for this year but if I end up having time and fortune smiles on me I am going to try to work on some home made goodies for Valentines day.


  1. We love the terry cloth bath friend! It makes bath time much easier in our house. Also, I have just read tons of your blog posts in one sitting, and it makes me miss being a SAHM, both because I miss hanging out with you all, and because you make it look so fun!

    1. I miss hanging out with you too! I bet I won't even recognize the little one next time I see her! I'm loving being a SAHM right now, Echo is at such a fun age! Anyway, we need to make time to get together soon <3