Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas on Block Island

I finally finished going through my photos from our recent trip. Block Island is a little spot off the coast of Rhode Island where we rented a house for Christmas this year. It was beautiful and very chilly but we had a great time. We went on lots of lovely walks and did a lot of cooking, reading and game playing back at the house. Here are the highlights.

Echo's first time on a plane went great! She slept most of the way and then played on the ipad some. Even with how well she did traveling with a toddler is extremely stressful! I won't be in a hurry to fly again, especially after we have two little ones!

On the Ferry to Block Island

On the Ferry to Block Island

Christmas morning. We didn't have a tree so we wrapped a coat wrack in lights. Here Echo is emptying her stocking

We walked around in the chilly weather quite a bit and it knocked Echo out every time! Now we know the secret to getting her to sleep I guess. On the right Logan is sitting in the middle of the block Island labyrinth. Walking through it while meditating/praying is supposed to help you sort your life out ;-)

 Here we are visiting one of the two light houses.

The hikes down to some of the beaches were pretty steep, the views were totally worth it though.

We also took some inland trails through the island. They were very beautiful in a different way from the beaches. 

The little rock walls all over the Island made me think of Ireland

Our last day was spent in Providence and Newport exploring and eating some of the best seafood I can remember having. Unfortunately I had come down with a cold by then and was exhausted from traveling and cosleeping with Echo the whole trip so I was mostly too tired to lug my camera around. I only got a few pictures of Providence and none of Newport but they were both beautiful and had their own distinct characters as cities.

It was such fun to do something different for Christmas and I loved getting to spend time in New England, a part of the country I haven't frequented since I was a kid. I really want to make time to go back to Rhode Island some day soon because there were loads of things I wanted to do but didn't have time for. Plus the people were incredibly friendly and the food was fantastic at pretty much every restaurant we visited. This makes Rhode Island a perfect vacation spot in my book :-)

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