Friday, January 31, 2014

More Changes for Echo

Shortly after we converted Echo's crib in to a toddler bed we ended up just going ahead and switching her to a floor bed. The toddler bed was great because she could get in and out by herself but she rolled out a few times and woke herself up so we decided it was time for the floor bed.

So far it has been working out really well and we are all getting better sleep. She seems to be able to put herself back to sleep easier than she did in her crib (maybe she doesn't like being fenced in?) and when she does wake up I can just lay down with her in bed until she falls back asleep which makes it a lot easier on me.

So this is what her room looks like for now. The floor bed we are using is an old futon mattress. We had a few extra of those lying around so it worked out perfectly. We will still be moving her to a new room sometime this Spring but have to work up the energy to redo the floors first. In the mean time the floor bed is working out great! I encourage everyone to try it if you have a toddler. Just make sure the room is baby proofed first ;-)

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