Monday, November 12, 2012

A Stocking For Echo

As some of you know, Christmas is my absolute favorite Holiday. I look forward to it all year and start planning gifts and decorations ridiculously early. The Christmas season brings me true delight, there's nothing quite like it. This will be my first Christmas with my daughter and even though she is too young to really get much out of it I still plan to make the most of having a kid at Christmas.

It's kind of tradition in my family that you have to have a homemade stocking, it's just what we do. So even though Eric and I still have store bought stockings at our house (we have homemade ones at my parent's place) I wanted Echo to have something special for her first Christmas.

So with my newfound sewing skills I whipped up this little number. I'm pretty proud of it even though it came out smaller than what I really wanted, it will at least be fine for a baby stocking though.

I used the little logo I designed for Echo before she was born and screen printed her name on to the stocking

I added extra stars and used a metallic raspberry color for the designs

I used a piece of scrap ribbon and some white embroidery thread for the loop to hang the stocking

More stars and dots on the top of the stocking

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