Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Layered Infinity Scarf

Finally! A non baby related post! Of course I could talk all day about my little one (I think she's the greatest) but I will give you all a break and write about something else for a change. So here is another sewing post. I've really been enjoying my sewing machine so far, I try to make a little time every week to sew and I'm even attempting some hand made gifts for Christmas (I can't blog about those, they're a secret). My skills are still very limited but I have moved on from making scarves to making infinity scarves. Here is my first attempt, I hope to make more soon.

Close up of the pretty fabrics

wrapped once

wrapped twice
This infinity scarf has two layers, one for the backing and then a pretty lace to go over it, it's more of a fancy scarf and would go great with a little black dress. Once again I got my fabric from the remnant bin (really the only way I buy fabric) so it cost me next to nothing to make. The only problem with this is that my selection was limited so the only lace I could find was covered in glitter. I would normally be ok with this since I kind of love glitter but as soon as I started handling the fabric the glitter got all over me and soon all over everything I touched including my daughter. Sigh, oh well, a little sparkle never hurt anyone. That being said I would recommend non glittery lace to anyone who wants to try this project.

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