Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby Legs DIY

Time has really gotten away from me ever since I had this baby. I feel like the long sleepless nights have kind of messed with my time line and I literally can't believe it's November already. Echo was just born in September, how did a whole month go by without me noticing?

Anyway, I haven't been blogging much due to the obvious reason that I have my hands full with the adorable baby pictured above. I have, however been trying to make time to practice with my sewing machine and I have a few basic projects I wanted to share. 

Baby leg warmers are an awesome idea, I don't know who came up with them but they are great because they keep baby's legs warm but make diaper changes super easy. I know I always think twice before dressing Echo in pants because all I can think about is what a pain it will be to take them off a million times a day to change her. Most baby leg warmers cost about 12 to 15 bucks but I did this nifty DIY for $1 by using some socks from the dollar bin at Michaels.

All you have to do is cut the heel out of the socks and cut the toe off, creating two tubes of fabric. Then sew the two tubes together and hem the remaining edge. Easy peasy! They were pretty huge on Echo when she was first born but they are starting to fit her better now (she's getting to be quite a hefty little gal!). I'm pretty pleased with the results and you can't beat the dollar price tag.

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