Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Homemade Sweater Kitten

I'm making an effort to do homemade Christmas presents for all my family members this year in addition to a store bought gift. I can't post about most of them yet but this one is for Echo and she doesn't read my blog so it's ok :-)

I keep seeing these really cute stuffed animals on etsy made from recycled sweaters and thinking, hey, I could make that. So I went to the thrift store and got the softest, most cuddly sweater I could find to make this little guy. It was really very easy, I just cut out the pieces and embroidered on the face, then I hand stitched the whole thing together. I stuffed him with poly fill and added a little rice at the bottom for stability. I finished him off with a polkadot ribbon for his neck.

I plan on giving it to Echo for Christmas as her homemade gift. It will be a great baby toy because it has no small pieces that can fall off and it's so soft and huggable!


  1. Could I please have a pattern?

    1. Hi There! I really didn't use a pattern. I just cut the front and back pieces in the cat shape and added a football shaped piece on the bottom so it would sit flat. The tail is just a long skinny rectangle and I stuffed it separately and sewed it in while i was sewing the bottom and back pieces together. I hope this helps!