Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Garden Prep

Spring has been in the air lately, well off and on it has, and I was inspired to not only work in my garden but also to give my blog a spring makeover! Yay!

This weekend the weather was so lovely that I worked on some Spring garden prep. I worked on clearing my larger raised bed of leaves and acorns (many of which had already started to grow roots) and improving the soil quality. I thin the lack of good soil really hurt me last year so this time I mixed in quite a bit of composted cow manure and peat moss to make the soil rich and light. Eventually I can use my own compost to enrich the soil but it isn't ready yet. Hopefully this will improve my garen production this year.  

Both raised beds are prepped and planted now
I planted both beds with radish, swiss chard, lettuce and a few carrots. I'm excited to get this growing season started. My rosemary and mint are starting to make a comeback after winter as well. They are my only two perennial plants in the garden and it's nice to see a little something green in there.
 In addition to my raised beds from last year, Eric built me a new one with a lattice this time. I plan on growing green beans and peas in here but I haven't planted it yet

Above is a view of my whole garden set up at this point. I'm sure we will be adding to it as the years go on but for now this should be all (probably even more) than I can handle.

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