Friday, February 1, 2013

Sunshine Plushie

I was looking around the house yesterday and noticing how it is being overrun with Echo's toys already. It's so hard not to spoil them! I want to buy her everything in the world! What to do when you just want to keep buying cute stuff for your baby? Make it instead!

I found this wonderful tutorial from Chez Beeper Bebe (via pinterest) and decided it would be my next sewing project. I highly recommend this for beginning sewers. So easy to make and so cute! Plus my baby loves it!

I used an old tshirt for the body fabric and was able to use scraps of ribben for the sun burst so I didn't even have to buy any material.

I'm terrible at embroidery but Echo doesn't care ;-)

Echo loves to put the ribbons in her mouth

Holding it up and looking at it judiciously 
So far it seems to be a hit! I may be making these for baby shower presents in the near future :-)

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