Monday, February 25, 2013

PB and J Yogurt Parfait

Ya'll, I have found the next big thing for breakfast! This is truly a fantastic combination and I must say I'm patting myself on the back for coming up with it :-)

I have been in to making granola lately and recently came across this recipe from A Beautiful Bite. I liked it because it had simple ingredients and seemed easy to make. We love granola in this house but it can be very expensive, it's amazing how much money making your own can save you.

We also have a lot of homemade yogurt on hand since Eric has been making it regularly and I have been experimenting adding different flavors and toppings to it. One of the ways I like to flavor my yogurt is by adding a swirl of jam to it. We have some fantastic raspberry jam that my mother in law gave us (homemade by a friend of hers) and it goes great in yogurt, it tastes just like the yogurt you buy at the store that has fruit on the bottom.

Yesterday morning around breakfast time inspiration struck and I realized that peanut butter and jam were a natural combination and the PB and J yogurt parfait was born!

If you make your own yogurt or just buy plain from the store I highly recommend this combination, delish!

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