Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's a Girl!

We got to get our first good look at our sweet little girl today and now I am just feeling so happy and emotional. It just goes to show that my instincts are totally off because I was convinced it was a boy this time. I was amazed at how happy I was when the ultrasound tech girl though! I'm sure I would have been thrilled either way to be honest.

Now I am just filled with visions of me and the girls baking together, doing sewing projects and crafts, maybe some day sharing a love of Jane Austen novels. I'm looking forward to lots of tea parties and dress up but also sports, playing in the mud and climbing trees. I hope our girls are well rounded and enjoy both traditionally male and female pursuits.

I hope Echo and her sister will be best friends and try not to be too competitive with each other as girls can sometimes be. I feel certain their bond will be extraordinary and I can't wait to watch them get to know one another. Echo is already such a great little care taker and is so sweet to her stuffed animals and baby dolls and I just know she will be a great big sister.

Our new baby girl will be named Clover Elizabeth, it feels so good to finally call her by her name instead of just "the baby"! Here are some more ultrasound photos for those of you that are interested. She was all balled up in there and refused to give us a profile view but we think she is pretty darn cute already. She was playing with her feet in the most adorable way and I feel like I can see lot's of personality already!

Right and left foot
A great shot of her leg

Head and hands

Here she is playing with her toes, her hand is on the left and foot is on the right 

This is the shot I put on facebook and i think it's the best one we got
I can't believe I am already halfway through this pregnancy! Can't wait to meet you Clover!

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