Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Toddler Activities- Blanket Fort

Now that mommyhood is my full time job, I spend a lot of time thinking of exciting activities to try with Echo. Not only is it fun to watch her explore new things, it is essential that I tire her out as much as possible every day. She has so much energy and this is the best way I've found to make sure she sleeps! If the weather is nice my job is easy, I just take Echo to the park and let her play for a as long as she wants. However as we have been having a few cold spells here and there I've had to try to get a little more creative. 

blanket fort from above
 One thing I had been looking forward to trying once I had kids (who am I kidding, things like this are the reason I wanted kids!) is building blanket forts with them. This is something I remember as being so much fun from my childhood and lately Echo has been in to crawling through things so I thought now would be a good time to start.

I mostly stuck to sheets for my raw materials as they are light and easy to work with. I made this fort pretty small scale as this was my first attempt. Echo thought it was super fun and loved crawling through the space. I brought in some pillows and books and she loved reading stories in there too, it made the day feel just a little more special and magical.

My cute little monkey
I imagine building blanket forts will be even more fun once the kids are old enough to help. I'll be honest that I'm not the worlds greatest blanket fort architect but Echo didn't seem to mind and it was a fun thing to do on a yucky day when we were stuck inside.

Other resources I've found for good toddler activities are pinterest and other moms. It's amazing all the cool things that are out there to try with your toddler if you start looking around.

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