Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Absence Makes the Garden Grow Larger

The garden area looking lush.

Last week I went on a little five day mini vacation to visit my brother in DC and while I was gone my garden shot up like crazy! Ok, so I realize posts about my garden are not interesting to anyone but me. However it's my blog so I'll do what I want ;-P Seriously though, I like to be able to look back and compare things year to year so I find it helpful to record this kind of thing here.

Let me tell you, my garden is a great big hot mess this year! That being said it's also shaping up to be my most successful gardening year to date. There is a lot going on here that I am excited about and a lot that could be done waayyy better in the future but it's all pretty fun and exciting to watch.

My first problem is that I totally mixed up all my seeds when I was starting them inside and now I have no idea what things are (blame my pregnancy brain). For example the photo on the above left could be of zucchini or of acorn squash, I really don't know which. If it is zucchini it could be one of several varieties. The above right photo could be ground cherries or tomatillos, apparently the plants look similar and I can't figure out what it is by looking online (at least not in a the amount of time I'm willing to spend on it which is not much).

My other biggest problem is that I have things planted much too closely together. I know not to do this but I always end up doing it every year. I get way too excited and try to squeeze in as much as possible without allowing enough room for plants to spread. *Sigh* maybe someday I'll learn :-)

Bush beans flowering
 One the plus side things are growing splendidly out in the gardens and everything is just beginning to bloom which is very exciting. I've also been able to grow some things that I have never had success with in the past such as carrots (seriously, these are supposed to be so easy!) and cilantro (I was about to give up on this but gave it one more try) and they are turning out great this time around!


Moving the gardens to a sunnier location has really paid off and we have been lucky enough to have a nice rainy spring which has made taking care of the garden really easy.

Lettuce and carrots

Now if I can only figure out what everything I've planted actually is then I will be in business! I have high hopes for successful crops of some kind or another as the Summer progresses though!

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