Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Recent Sewing

After I had so much fun sewing my new infinity scarf (which has been a big hit by the way, I've worn it a ton already even though I don't need it for nursing yet)I got a major sewing bug! I immediately dove in to some new projects. I am still trying to keep things simple due to my limited time and energy but it felt good to be making something again and I have a few more ambitious projects lined up in the near future.

The first project was my take on this tutorial for a hobo bag. I used their pattern as a guide but ended up drawing my own version of it in a slightly smaller size. I loved my more structured purse that I made earlier this year but wanted something a little more light and Summery that I could take with me on my mini vacations and plentiful trips to the pool that have been happening so much this Spring and Summer. I was able to use all materials that I had on hand which made this even more satisfying and it has been a great little bag to haul around town. I'm enjoying having a nice light purse before I have to switch to a giant diaper bag again ;-)

My next project was for my maternity photos which we had taken just last weekend by my lovely and talented business partner and friend Joanna. We had decided on a "bun in the oven" theme for the photo shoot and did some really cute photos of me, Eric and Echo cooking together. I made Echo and I some matching aprons to wear for the photos.

They are a little wrinkled here since I stuffed them in my bag after the shoot but I think they will make the maternity photos extra special and they will be something that Echo and I can use for years to come. I'll be sure to share some of the professional photos as soon as I get my hands on them.

Above is a close up of the heart appliques that I added for an extra special touch. You can find the tutorial that I used for this project here.  All this sewing has really whetted my appetite for more (I may have an addiction) and I am excited to be starting new projects soon!

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