Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sandbox for Echo

One of the things on Eric's to do list for a while now has been to build Echo a little sand box to play in. He actually built it a while ago but I keep forgetting to post photos. We put it out by our blueberry bushes in the front yard so that I can see her from the garden. The idea was that I could work in the garden while she played in the sand but she almost always wants to help me when I work in the garden so we usually just play in the sand together after I am done gardening.

This is such a simple toy to make but such a huge hit! My parents got her some sand toys to play with and we were able to pick up a few more from the dollar bin at Target so she has lots of things to build and shovel with.

It's pretty small at this point so it may need to be expanded after Clover is big enough to want to play in it too but it's a great size for Echo right now. When the girls outgrow it we will probably convert it in to another raised garden bed.

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