Monday, January 3, 2011

Color Pallets

Going to Home Depot and staring at the rows upon rows of paint colors can seem a little overwhelming. Eric and I have already put a good deal of thought in to the paint colors we want to use in the house and are using a very intentional color pallet. We are both naturally drawn to earthy, subdued colors and have pretty much decided on a color scheme of grays, browns and ochers with a little hint of muted blue/green for the house. The only wall that is staying as is will be the back wall in the loft area which will remain the lovely, earthy, brick red that it currently is. Here is a picture of some color swatches I picked up at home depot to use as inspiration. You can also see in the bottom of this photo a few samples of flooring that I picked up (more on flooring in the near future).

When I look at all these paint samples they bring me a lot of happiness, I can just picture living in a space with these colors and they make me feel very peaceful.

The wall color I am the most excited about at the moment is gray. For some reason I am crazy about gray rooms, in all shades and temperatures. Right now the plan is to use gray (in various shades) in the master bedroom, master bathroom and guest bedroom. I've been collecting photo inspiration for gray rooms and here are some pictures from design blogs that I've gathered. These are just a few of the gray rooms I'm digging right now.

Makes me excited to get in there and actually start painting! Right now Eric and I are in the midst of acquiring a home loan and homeowners insurance. Yes, this involves lots of paperwork :-P But it's all good, we're getting a house!

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