Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Love Atlanta

This is a little off topic but it's something I've been thinking about since last weekend. Last Sunday Eric and I took a little hiking trip up at Vickery Creek in Roswell, GA. I like a trail that has some kind of payoff, either a scenic overlook or some kind historical significance. This trail fits the bill on both counts and it runs right along the Chattahoochee river which make it another win in my book since I love trails that go along water. At the end of the trail you get to see some cool mill ruins that date back to the Civil War and you find yourself almost in the middle of downtown Roswell. After the hike we headed over to Swallow at the Hollow for a yummy BBQ lunch including fried green tomatoes as an appetizer. As we were digging in to our delicious lunches I got to thinking about how much I love Georgia, specifically the Atlanta area. It's the perfect mix of Rustic and Modern with Southern tradition and the cultural opportunities that come with any big metropolitan city. It's a place where scenic hiking trails and rustic Southern cooking live not 20 minutes away from world class restaurants and museums. I love that I get to have the best of both worlds here. Every time I think of moving I stop and ask myself if there is any other place I know of that can offer me what Atlanta can, the answer always comes back no and I couldn't be happier to be staying put in the place a I grew up in. I love you Atlanta! Don't ever Change!

Just a few pics from our hiking trip to Vickery Creek

Eric on the snowy trail

Photo courtesy of Eric :-)

The Chattahoochee

Us on the covered bridge near the end of the trail

Covered bridge

Eric enjoying some BBQ wings at Swallow at the Hollow

Fried Green Tomatoes, just another thing to love about the South

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