Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lighting Plans

No real news on the the actual purchasing of our house as of right now. The loan company is working on doing their thing and we are still working on getting our insurance squared away. So for the time being I will continue to post about my plans for the new house. In this post I'm focusing on my lighting plans and we finally get to see a bit of my modern/industrial tastes.

I think lighting plays a huge part in how a room looks and feels. I've always been a big fan of natural light which this house has plenty of. However we will need something to light up the rooms after the sun goes down so lighting fixtures deserve some thought and consideration. I've been trying to notice the lighting in spaces that I am attracted to and take note for when we start replacing lighting in the house. I've already drawn quite a few conclusions about the kind of lighting I want in each particular space.

First of all, lets talk about the dining room chandelier. This is a space you can see right when you walk in the door, it's kind of like a first impression so I wanted it to be perfect. The current chandelier is a retro, smokey glass number with a gold mounting. I really wavered on whether I loved this thing or hated it. Is it cool and retro or out of date and tacky? Finally I have completely made up my mind to chuck it. Even though there are things I kind of like about it it really doesn't fit our style or the vision we have for the house. 

After researching lighting online like crazy I've pretty much got my heart set on something like this for over the dining room table,

It's simple, clean, industrial and modern. You can find fixtures like this at some fancy home decor places for some pretty high prices but this particular model is available at Home Depot for all of $30. Yay for cheap stuff that fits in to exactly what I want!

The next lighting area I considered was the kitchen. This is the current fixture,

There's something about this one I kinda like, I think we will keep it around for a while and see how I feel later on.

An area that really needs attention is the hallway where there is currently a bare bulb hanging out of the ceiling.

With this one I have to be a little picky because I can't have anything that hangs too low. Eric is 6'5" and anything that protrudes from the ceiling too much will mean he will be hitting his head on it constantly. I'm thinking of going for something simple here. Maybe something like this,

                                                                             Or this,

The first of these is another cheapy from Home Depot and the second is from a more expensive company that I absolutely love called Barn Light Electric. Which one of these I get will probably depend on how poor I am feeling by the time we get around to replacing this light fixture, we'll see.

The last fixture that I plan to replace in the near future is the light on the back porch. You can see the bare bulb hanging out on the left in this picture,

For this setting I am seriously in love with this mason jar fixture by an etsy shop called Lamp Goods

I also found this super cheap alternative that has a similar feel at Home Depot so I may be getting this one instead,

Those are all my lighting plans for right now. There are a few other fixtures that will need to be replaced eventually as well including the ones in both bathrooms and the ceiling fans in all three of the bedrooms but the stuff I mentioned above is all that I have planned out at the moment.

If anyone is interested I've been making a list of lighting comapnies that I love, here are a few links to these.

Home Depot
Lamp Goods
Barn Light Electric
Restoration Hardware

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