Saturday, January 29, 2011

Design Inspiration

Well the exciting news is that we are closing in less than two weeks! The not so exciting news is that we still have a ton of paperwork to do. We need to get our final insurance paperwork finished (we're planning to do that today) and now that the loan is out of initial underwriting they are requesting more documents that we have to scrape together. *sigh*

To keep myself entertained and excited about home buying I'm doing a post on interior design inspiration. I've been slowly collecting images of interior design that inspire me and embody the feel I want in my own home. I would love to be at the point where I can start making deliberate design decisions and not just using whatever is laying around and our new house is a chance to do that. Interior design for me is a balance of things that have personal meaning to you, things that are functional and things that you picked out specifically for their design. Somehow it all seems to come together. I am a pretty sentimental person and I'm a big fan of having items that were gifted to me proudly displayed on my mantel. In the new house I want to continue this and also add some design touches that I choose because they will help me give the room the vibe I want it to have.

So, with that in mind, I'm collecting images that give me that warm fuzzy feeling in the hopes that I can create a similar feeling in my own home very soon.

Things I love about this room include the amazing roof, the guitar in the corner, the pendant light and the colorful blanket on the bed.
Here's another one with a guitar, maybe it's because of the house I grew up in but something about having musical instruments out and accessible just makes a place feel warm and inviting. Any trip to my parents house always involves either guitar strumming or a drum circle or some kind of impromptu jam session at some point in the evening. I also love the tree imagery in this room and the contrast between warm and cool. 
Love this dining room, the lamp is exactly what I want in our dining room. I like the distressed look of the table too but the style of furniture is not quite as modern as I would want to go.

Now this is a table that is rustic and modern, just the way I like it. Eric and I want to get a big long table with benches like this some day when we have a mess of kids :-)

On this one I love the gray wall color of course and the industrial light fixtures are to die for. The ladder as an umbrella hook is also a cool idea and because I am a photographer part time I am definitely drawn in by the camera and tripod sitting in the entryway.

Oh wow, love this room! While it is much more industrial feeling than our house it reminds me of it because of the wall of windows (which I think was the reason I feel madly in love with our house to begin with). I showed Eric this picture and we both loved all the plants and how fresh it made the room feel. We have big plans to incorporate plants in the interior of our house. 
Love the wall color and the shelving in the corner. This is from the same house as the picture above.

And same house again, I am so in love with this place. More gorgeous plants, gray walls and beautiful hardwood floors. I am also pretty smitten with that coffee table.
So that is it for now, just doing a little daydreaming about what our house will look like one day. Maybe this will give my readers a clearer vision of what I mean by rustic modern. I will most likely continue to collect images of spaces I love and share them here.

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