Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Birds

I've been closely following the development of the little nest by our front door and the eggs have indeed hatched. I have been sneaking peaks at the babies but I'm afraid to get too close for fear of disturbing them so i haven't been able to get a great picture. Here is the only one that I got where you can see anything at all.

See that grey fuzzy lump? That's a sleeping baby bird!
I finally got to catch a glimpse of the mama bird and I've determined that they are Carolina Wrens, not Carolina Chickadees. I can hear the little babies chirping to be fed every morning and every afternoon, they are so sweet! I can't water my plant anymore because I'm afraid of disturbing them so I guess I am just going to have to let it die, oh well :-/ Having baby birds is totally worth it! I'll keep trying to get a better picture and I'll be sure to pot it is I do.

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