Monday, July 11, 2011

More Wildlife Watching

Today as Eric and I were coming back from our run I noticed that my hanging basket of Angel Wing Begonias was looking pretty wilted so I got it down to water it. Lo and behold there was a little birds nest buried at the base of the plant with 4 eggs inside! I was beside myself, how exciting! I only hope I didn't disturb them by moving the basket. I've never noticed birds going in and out of it so i guess they steer clear when I'm in the fron yard. I also found some more evidence of nesting birds in the area by way of a fragment of blue egg shell that I found on our front walk. At first I thought it was a robin's egg but after some research I think it might be an Eastern Bluebird (I've seen a few of these in our yard this year). The nest in my hanging basket (I think) is a Carolina Chickadee nest, at least the best I could tell from looking it up online.  If there is anyone out there who is knowledgable about birds nest identification feel free to correct me :-)

Here are some pictures of the nest with all the little eggs in it, it's so exciting to have them right at our door!

backed out view of the hanging basket, you can see how well hidden the nest is!


  1. Love that first shot - so dreamy looking.

  2. Wow birds are so amazing. that is very well hidden- I am glad you spotted them!

  3. Now the babies have hatched! I'm afraid to move the basket anymore so I can't really see them but I can hear them chirping in there. It's so exciting! Also, now I think they are Carolina Wrens, I can only get quick looks at the parents as they dart around but that's my new best guess. They are super cute!