Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Additions

I've been rounding up some cute new home accessories lately and thought I'd share. Now that we are home owners I take any chance I can to use coupons or sales and gift cards are just about the best thing ever. We recently got a belated wedding present from some friends of Eric's family (which was awesome because we totally weren't expecting it) in the form of a Target gift card and we used it to get this sweet new lamp.

My other recent purchase for the house comes from being a World Market rewards member. They sent my a $10 gift card for my birthday, that's just free money for me to buy something special! I ended up getting this awesome bamboo cutting board with prep bowls (which was more than $10 but at least I was able to get it half off). Since we try to eat healthy at home I could really use something like this while chopping up veggies and herbs. And it's bamboo so it matches every thing else in our house.

If you ever shop at World market and haven't signed up for their rewards program yet I highly recommend it. Not only do they send you birthday cash but they have great coupons as well and they are such a great place to shop.

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