Saturday, July 9, 2011

Odds and Ends

We've been doing a bit of work on the house and updating some things today and over the past week so I'm just posting about the odds and ends we've been working on. First of all our air conditioner has been on the fritz lately and last week while we were at the beach in completely stopped working on us. Luckily my parents were keeping an eye on the house and my dad was able to figure out what the problem was. Apparently there is all this condensation  that collects on the AC unit in our basement and it is suposed to go to this little box and then get pumped up a tube and out of the house. Well for whatever reason the pump wasn't working so the box just filled up with water and caused the AC to shut off. Today Eric figured out a way to connect a hose to the box and allow the excess water to be routed out of the house and in to the back yard where I can collect it and use it to water plants. It's a win win! I've mentioned how useless we are in the heat so it's a very good thing that our climate control is up and running again.

Other than the AC issues I have been trying to get going on our baseboards. I took some really bad pictures to share :-)

Here's where I put up the first baseboard. I left the additional baseboard raw
cedar since this wall is all wood anyway
This is a wall that still needs baseboard, I'll have to paint the additional
pieces white for these so they don't stand out too much. You can see there is
about an inch gap between the old baseboard and the floor here.

I also replaced our old, crummy towel rack in the guest bathroom today.

old towel rack, after we removed it from the wall.
new towel rack, much better :-)
I had to get out some paint to touch up around the towel rack so I thought as long as I was at it I might as well start painting the master bathroom too. I have been putting this off for a very long time because I got so sick of painting from all the work we did right before we moved in. Our bathroom ahs pretty much looked like this ever since :

Well I finally took the plunge and got going on the painting again and guess what? I'm still sick of it! *Sigh* Oh well, I got tired after about an hour and decided to quit for the day, this bathroom may a take a while to get done. Here is an in progress picture:

That's it for now, hopefully I will have some baseboard progress and a finished bathroom to show you soon!

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