Friday, May 25, 2012

Catching Up After Vacation

You know that feeling when you get back from vacation and everything looks totally different to you? Even if you were just gone for a little while? Eric and I just got back from an amazing vacation to Puerto Rico and it's like seeing our house with all new eyes. There's a ton I could say about our trip but I try to keep this blog home focused so I will just say that one of my favorite things about traveling is coming home again. Maybe that's weird but there is definitely nothing like being away to make you appreciate all the wonderful things about your own home.

Ever since we have gotten back (after a brief recovery period that is) I have been in full on cleaning and organizing mode. Sometimes I get a little lazy with my housework (hey, it's a big house!)  and I was so busy before we left that I let a lot of things slide. Now that I'm back and have a little more time I noticed that a few of my house plants had died and the carpet desperately needed to be vacuumed. I've also been working some more on cleaning out and organizing baby Echo's room, maybe I am in nesting mode :-) I still have lots to do (as always) but I'm making progress. Today I replaced some of my dead house plants and tending to my garden (which suffered a bit while I was away). Here are some pics of what's new around here lately.

Things really took off in the garden while I was gone. The cucumbers are starting to get ripe and carrots are coming along but still small. There are also some baby tomatos growing and tons of peppers! My hand is in the picture as a size reference FYI.

This cucumber was the first one I've harvested but I have a TON more growing! It was tasty, all around a big success. 

working on filling out my strawberry pot succulent garden, I have a vision for this, it will be awesome when it fills in.

Bought this today to replace my spider plant that I somehow killed. I think I over watered it :-(

New succulent for a previously empty pot.

all my little house plants assembled to get a good watering after my trip

all my little house plants assembled to get a good watering after my trip

Last but not least here are some updated photos of the baby's room. It's gradually getting cleaned out

this is the previously unseen side of the room. I have my first baby shower next weekend so i am trying to make room for my new goodies :-) I already have most of the drawers filled with baby clothes and the desk will get a changing pad on top and serve as a changing table. Needless to say the art supplies and computer will be moving elsewhere.
It's weird but while I was on vacation I almost forgot about being pregnant. Not that I could really ever forget but I was so distracted by new sights, not to mentions tastes, that I just didn't focus on it as much as I do at home. When I got back it really hit me that this baby will be here in 4 months! I already love spending time in her room, it's so warm and comforting to me.

Anyway, that's what's new around our house. Hope everyone has a great long weekend!

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