Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mexican Hot Dogs

I'm posting this in honor of Cinco de Mayo yesterday even though this is a recipe I cooked weeks ago. These are seriously, without a doubt the best hot dogs I have ever had. Oh my gosh they were delicious! Be forewarned, this is not a healthy recipe. In fact it's probably really really bad for you which is why it's so yummy :-)

I found the recipe on  Hilah Cooking (click the link for the full recipe) and thought it looked amazing so I made it for dinner one Friday night and it certainly did not disappoint. Here is a picture of my finished hot dog.

The first step to making this deliciousness is to take your hot dog ( I used ballpark all beef franks) and wrap a strip of raw bacon around it, then fry it in a pan until the bacon is nice and crispy and some of the bacon grease has seeped in to the hot dog, mmmm... After that's done you should toast a hoagie roll in the leftover bacon grease. This sounds like it would be gross but it's actually amazingly delicious. Next you put the bacon wrapped hot dog in the bun and top with as many or as few of the following as desired.

refried beans
pico de gallo
salsa verde
hot sauce

I like my hot dogs with lots of stuff on them so I loaded this baby up. It also gave me a chance to use some of my fresh radishes from my garden pictured here:

I couldn't resist showing this off. They are so pretty!

These hot dogs are quite filling as you can imagine so one was plenty for me. I definitely recommend you try these next time you are feeling decedent :-)

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  1. Your radishes are soooo beautiful!!! Thanks for showing them!