Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Garden in May

Does it seem to anyone else that May is flying by at record speeds? I can't believe it is almost half way over already! The garden has been growing like crazy this month, I can't believe how quickly it changes. Here are some updated pictures.

Blueberries getting nice and big, one of them is even starting to turn blue!

view of both my raised beds, you can really see how everything has grown!

Cayenne peppers, I've used one of them so far but it was very hot yet so I'm trying to leave them longer, they should turn red and be much hotter eventually

The cucumbers are taking over! I really need to get a trellis for them but I keep forgetting.

Cucumber flower

Carrots, still taking forever. I'm not sure if these will pan out this year or not. 

Thai basil that I grew from seed.

Baby cucumber :-)

The brandywine tomatos are getting huge and have tons of flowers on them but no fruit yet,  here's hoping they turn out

All the radishes have been pulled from this bed and I transplanted all the little guys I started from seed. This bed now contains jalapeno peppers, yellow bell peppers, yellow pear tomatos, cilantro, mint, rosemary and cayenne peppers.

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