Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Homemade Pita and Hummus

Since I am on a huge baking and home made condiment kick (and have been for the last few months) I have really wanted to try making my own hummus and pita bread. I think fresh hummus is sooo much tastier than store bought and I had heard it was easy so I thought I'd give it a try. 

hummus topped with kalamata olives and paprika 

For the hummus I used this recipe from The Partial Ingredients and for the Pita I used this recipe from Under The High Chair. Overall it came out really well but I think I would make a few tweaks in the future when trying these two recipes. The hummus had a great flavor and was super easy to make. i used dry chickpeas instead of canned so it took a  little longer but was still no big deal. My only complaint was that it came out a tiny bit dry. The Lebanese woman who I bought the tahini from for this suggested adding some plain yogurt for creaminess so i might try that next time.

The pita bread was yummy but it didn't puff up quite as much as I would have liked, this is probably due to some error on my part though. I used white flour so it ended up tasting a lot like pizza dough to me, in fact I used my extras to make some yummy pizza pita pockets. I think i might try wheat flour next time since I usually get wheat pitas and tend to like the texture better.

In any case it was definitely well worth the effort and I will experiment and try both of these again. Even though they didn't come out perfect they still beat the pants off the store bought stuff. 


  1. Delicious! Great pics, too!

    The best thing about homemade hummus is how CHEAP it is to make! Love it. I love to put sun-dried tomatoes from YDFM in mine, and usually don't even bother with tahini (sub. sesame oil) - though I am sure yours was way better than ours is.

    1. Sesame oil is a great idea for subbing for tahini! Might make it even cheaper, I will have to try that next time. It also might help with the hummus being a bit dry I'm thinking. I definitely want to try adding some different flavors too.