Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Knead Bread Variations

Baking is a passion I discovered last year and no knead bread is pretty much my favorit thing to make ever. You can see the original recipe I used here. I wanted to jazz things up a bit so for a holiday dinner party I made a cranberry orange bread. Delicious!

To make this one all you have to do is add about half a cup of dried cranberries and the zest of one large orange. I also threw in about a quarter cup of brown sugar to make it a little sweeter.

I guess I got cocky from my first variation because then I went crazy modifying the recipe. I added half whole wheat flour (which I have done before and it turned out fine), flax seeds, a cup of rolled oats and a few tablespoons of molasses. I was loosely basing this on a recipe for honey wheat bread but I didn't have any honey so I thought molasses could be interesting. I also added some extra water because the consistency seemed wrong. I hoped it would be a rich, dark bread and while the flavor was good I couldn't get the middle to cook and it turned out doughy.

It came out pretty but not that tasty. I may try it again in the future and fiddle with the ingredients a bit, but for now I think I'll stick to recipes that others have tried so I know they'll turn out well.

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