Friday, April 5, 2013

Growing Growing Growing!

Spring is such an exciting time of year! I love watching the progress of my garden and this year has been especially fun because I get to watch my baby girl grow right along with my plants. It doesn't feel very springy this morning but here is what we have going on in the yard this season, maybe it will help you think of warmer times to come :-)

Tomato plants I started inside. I still won't be able to plant them outside for a while yet but hopefully they will be nice strong plants by then.

Trying growing carrots in pots this year, so far so good! Also a few radishes got in here somehow, weird!

My peas are getting bigger every day!

The fact that Echo can sit up on her own now makes my life so much easier! She can entertain her self a lot better now and I enjoy having her outside with me while I work in the garden. 

Of course she mostly just wants to eat grass and dead leafs 
My mixed bag of lettuce seeds are all coming up in beautiful different colors. 

Rows of radishes, the one thing I know I can grow!

Swiss Chard, a new crop for me this year. 

More peas growing in the front yard
And finally our azaleas are blooming! A sure sign of Spring!
 I'm so looking forward to my first harvest, the radishes shouldn't take too much longer. We also planted two new blueberry bushes and two raspberry vines this year but they weren't particularly picture worthy (at least not yet). This morning I am off to a native plant sale at the Chattahoochee Nature Center so maybe I will come back with some more great finds!

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