Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Guide To Happiness

If only we could all be this happy all the time!
My friend over at One Trailing Spouse recently wrote a post reviewing a book called The Happiness Project. I haven't read the book myself but from reading her blog post on it I thought it had some good points. It got me thinking about the things that make me happy in my own life.

I'm fortunate to be a really happy person naturally. I obviously get down from time to time (don't we all?) but overall happiness is my normal way of being. Of course I am also lucky enough to be living a life that I love so that could have something to do with it :-)

If you are ever feeling blue try some of these little things to help make you feel happy. I find that they always work for me.

1. Try something new. A new recipe or craft, a new restaurant or park. Anything new to get yourself out of the rut you're in.

2. Limit social media. I seriously believe that this makes me so much happier but it's tough to do! Social media presents us with the best versions of other people's lives and glosses over the rough spots. It can leave you feeling like you're missing out on something and that everyone else's life is perfect. Trust me, it's not.

3. Indulge in small luxuries. Home made bread or fresh flowers in your window can really brighten your day! It doesn't have to be something big, just a small treat that makes you feel special.

4. Get out of the house. Nothing like some fresh air and new surroundings to clear your head.

5. Or stay home instead. Sometimes a movie marathon is just what the doctor ordered.

6. Make time for the things you love. Set aside some time each day to draw, cook, take photographs or read. Whatever you love to do. The trick to this is to not feel guilty about indulging in this, if you just set aside an hour a day for something you love then you won't feel bad about neglecting all those things you should be doing.

7. Make, build, cook, clean or create something. Do something with visible, tangible results. Nothing makes you feel more accomplished than producing results you can see with your own eyes.

8.There's nothing wrong with a little escapism. Sometimes you need a break from your life. When this happens, feel free to indulge in movies, tv and books that transport you to another place.

9. Do what you love, not what sounds cool. This is something I've struggled with my whole life. Figure out what you actually enjoy doing, even if it doesn't make you look like a rockstar to all your friends. Even if it's nerdy, or just seems uninteresting. If you enjoy it, pursue it with vigor.

10. Start a family tradition. We do Birthday waffles on Birthdays and watch A Child's Christmas in Wales at Christmas. We also go to the farmers market every Saturday morning, buy a chocolate croissant and coffe, and eat breakfast outside. Make yearly and weekly traditions a thing in your family, it gives you something to look forward to.

11. Stay away from news and politics. Maybe this makes me socially irresponsible, I don't care. I get the gist of current events from just being out in the world, I don't feel the need to follow the news closely. It only brings me down.

12. Don't be too hard on yourself. Cut yourself a break if you skip your workout once in a while, or cheat on your diet, or let your house get messy. You work hard, you deserve a few free passes.

I'm sure there are more that I use that I'm not remembering at the moment.
What tricks do you use to cheer yourself up?

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  1. I think the social media thing is so true. I definitely feel better when I use it less (but it's so hard to stop). One thing that has actually helped a little is to cull my friends list, so that only people that I actually know and talk to and who make me feel happy are still on my list. No more facebook stalking of someone I barely know any more! Trying something new and getting out of the house also help me a lot. I think these two things will be key after the baby arrives!