Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Teething necklace DIY

I haven't seen or felt any teeth poking through yet but this little girl sure does love to chew on anything and everything she can get her hands on! I'm thinking teeth must not be far off.

Having a baby has severely limited the jewelry that can wear since everything goes straight in to her mouth so a teething necklace kills two birds with one stone. I get a pretty necklace to wear and she gets to chew! Not only that but it's super easy to make! Find the tutorial I used here at See Kate Sew

All you have to do to make this awesome (and comfy!) necklace is to sew a long tube of fabric (make sure to make it longer than you think you'll need, I made mine too short the first time and had to start over) and flip it inside out. Next you insert large wooden beads and tie knots in between each one.

The last step is to flip the ends of your fabric tube in, insert a pretty ribbon on each side, and sew it off. Echo totally love the necklace, both when I wear it and when I let her play with it on her own. I need to get more wooden beads so I can make one of these to go with every outfit I own :-)

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