Thursday, February 10, 2011


We closed on the house this morning! Wow! What a magical feeling! I still feel like a I have to pinch myself, we are so thrilled and happy that we own our own home now!

The closing went pretty smoothly and took about two and half hours. The only reason it took so long is because we wanted to read everything we were signing and let me tell you the closing attorney was not happy about this. I still think it's amazing that you are expected to sign all these papers without reading them but apparently that is the norm.  Anyway, I missed half a day of work and had to work late tonight to make up for it but it is s worth it because we own a house! We ended up going for the 15 year mortgage instead of the 30 year because the monthly payment is still very reasonable and we will save a ton of money in the long run by getting a 15 year one. So we are all done, papers all signed, keys in hand, whew!

So now I can't wait to get in there and start renovating! We drove over to the house tonight after work and just sat in the empty living room and marveled at the enormity of the fact we own a house. It was kind of an amazing feeling. Tomorrow night we will head out there after work again and we plan to camp out and spend our first night in our new home. On Saturday the real work will begin and I get to start painting, yay! Eric's parents are coming down for the weekend to help us out with some things and we are starting to move over some of the things we don't use regularly (including some of my old furniture that I left at my condo when I moved in with Eric after the wedding). I'm excited to finally start taking some after photos and hope to have some pretty new pictures to post by the end of the weekend.

The final thing I want to say about this whole process is just that our realtor Matt Hester was amazingly awesome. He made the process so much easier and was there for us every step of the way. When we closed today he even gave us our first housewarming present, a $50 gift card to Home Depot! Believe me, we will definitely be needing it in the months to come, thanks Matt!

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  1. ::like:: we've been thinking about refinancing into a 15 or even a 10 year mortgage. I just dread paying more closing costs! It will save us money in the long run, I know, but it's hard to dip into the savings. so, good choice!