Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Interior Pictures

Just for kicks (and because I pretty much won't be able to think about anything but the house until we close next week) here are a few more pictures of the interior of the house. I took most of these the last time I was over there which was probably 3 or 4 weeks ago. Looking forward to calling this beauty home :-)

Kitchen front view. We need to get a refrigerator and a working stove before we can even think about moving in. The funny thing is that the stove that's there now is a gas stove and there isn't even a gas line in the kitchen. We plan to install a gas line however since we much prefer cooking with gas.

Another angle of the kitchen. The dishwasher seems to be working ok thank goodness. I'm glad we won't have to put one of these in since we are already replacing the stove and adding a new fridge. Even though I hate spending money I am super jazzed about having brand new kitchen appliances, and the fact that we got the house for so cheap makes me feel better about it. 

Yet another view of the kitchen, looking in from the dining room. We will have to decide what to do with that funny little window with the light above it.

Hall bathroom, I think this tub is actually kind of cool.

Hall bathroom again with one of the few light fixtures we won't be replacing right away.

Master bath, I personally find it odd that the master bath is not as nice as the guest bath. Doing something about this will be on our long list of things to do.

Master bath again, can't wait to paint this. I'm wondering what color will go best with those green tiles?

Funky window in the loft *love*

and the grand finale, the wall of windows again. I am truly in love with it. This wall makes all the other houses I've looked at pale in comparison to this house. I really think this is what sold me on it.

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  1. we will be getting a new dishwasher shortly after we get back in the summer actually (to match our new fridge) and our current one isn't that old (i think only about 3 or 4 years old). So if yours craps out, you can have ours. :)