Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More pictures from our first weekend of renovations

We are taking a break from home renovation during the work week to give ourselves a breather and allow our finances recover before next weekend's marathon round of painting, repairs and spending. This post is just so I can show a few of the pictures from the past weekend that didn't make it in to my other two posts. This will probably be my last post until this coming weekend rolls around and I have more improvements to show. I can't believe how much we have accomplished already and how much more we still have to do. One thing's for sure, owning our own place is awesome! We feel such pride and exhilaration every time we make a positive change to the space. We still spend a lot of time talking, planning and thinking about the house when we are not with it. We're really looking forward to the point where we can move in and really make it ours. For now we will just feel happy about all the great changes we've made so far!

Eric working late in to the night on tearing out the yucky carpet. We ended up pulling out all the carpet in the living room and dining room last weekend in preparation for the new hardwood floors we are getting!

We moved the rest of my old furniture out of my condo (where I lived before Eric and I got married) last weekend and brought it to the new house where we will actually have room for it. Here is my old couch that I missed so much. If you imagine that the new floors are installed and the painting is done this almost looks like a real living space!

I love you house!

A shot from above of the general renovation madness that is happening right now. Can't wait to get our new floors installed.
That's it for now. I am excited about getting more done this weekend but i have to say it's nice to take the week off from working on the house. I think this way we will keep ourselves from getting too burned out.

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