Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Painting

We also did quite a bit more painting this weekend. We finished up the main living area (living room, dining room and loft) as well as doing the hallway and one of the spare bedrooms which will be my studio. I can't wait to get the rest of the house painted, it will be an awesome feeling to get that part of the renovation done and then we can actually start moving things in to these rooms. Here are some pictures from this weekend's painting.

Living room, dining room and loft, done!

Living room after

Living room after

Hall in progress
Hall, done

Studio before, it was a horrible lavender color and obviously used to be a little girls room

Studio in progress
Studio in progress

Studio, you can see the old color in the closet

Studio after, I love how bright and sunny it feels!

Studio after

Studio after, we just have to do a second coat of white in the closet
An interesting fact that we found out from our new neighbor is that the people who lived in this house before us had 6 kids, wow! That totally explains a lot of the problems it has, and why the walls and carpets were totally filthy. This room had tiny, dirty hand prints on the wall all over and crayon scribbles on the baseboards. It feels so good to have a fresh coat of paint and clean new start in here!

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