Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flooring Update

We had another busy weekend of working away on the house. Eric and his dad did a lot of repairs on the sub floor to prepare for our hardwood floor installation (which we will be attempting next weekend). Here are few photos from the process.

Eric in the middle of sub floor repairs. There was quite a bit of water damage near the sliding glass doors so Eric and Don pulled out the whole section and replaced it.

Don drilling the new sub floor in place
We made a trip to Floor and Decor out in Kennesaw this weekend to research flooring. I think we have decided to go with this red oak. 

Another big accomplishment this weekend was shampooing the carpets in the bedrooms and the loft. We can't really afford to put hardwood in the whole house right away and the carpets in some of the rooms are in decent shape so we are leaving them there for a bit. I can't believe what a big difference it made to have the carpets cleaned (thanks Jody!). Here are some pictures of the freshly cleaned carpets.

Master bedroom carpet

It almost looks new! Awesome!

loft carpet
We are so excited to put in our hardwoods next weekend. I think the space will really look amazing after this step, can't wait to share the results with everyone!

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