Monday, February 14, 2011


Finally! The part of the house renovation I am most excited about! I learned a lot this weekend from my painting experience. One is that color can totally transform and revive a room. It was amazing the feeling of satisfaction I got from seeing such a dramatic transformation in the rooms we started painting. Unfortunately a new coat of paint really makes you notice all the other things that need to be updated in a room. The other thing that I learned was that my fine art skills apparently don't translate well to room painting, I kind of suck at it. Fortunately my mother in law, Jody, is a painting machine! She got so much done this weekend and did an amazing job of it, we are super grateful to her for all her help.

So here are some pictures from the painting that went on this weekend. We still have a LONG way to go but it is a great start!

Mom, helping he do some edging before we start painting the kitchen in earnest.

Starting work on the kitchen.

First coat, looking pretty blotchy. Apparently dark colors over light are hard :-(

Sample spots on the wall of the dining room

Jody helping out in the kitchen, I think we are on the second coat at this point.

Jody again, starting work on the dining room

Dining room, living room and loft area. The new color is similar to the old one but a bit darker and warmer.
Living room wall with the shadow of the trees on it. The new color is called almond toast but I prefer to think of it as peanut butter :-)

Corner of the loft (with me looking silly)

Another corner of the loft. The red/orange wall is the only one we aren't painting in the whole house.

Kitchen is done! Yay! Next step in here is to stain the cabinets and get new hardware (and working appliances)

Dining room, mostly done. Just have to go back and do the trim.


  1. I love the view of the trees out of the dining room in that last picture.

  2. The peanut butter color really goes with the house's vibe - nice choice!

  3. Thanks guys! I can't wait to have ya'll over to see the place in person. It's fun to pick paint colors for the first time (as an adult). It's crazy how different they look on a big wall than on a little paint swatch. Some of the colors surprised me but I'm very happy with how everything came out.