Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Free Weekend At Last

It seems like ages since I have had a weekend at home with no plans to speak of. The past two weekends I have been working at my new job (in addition to working my old job during the week) and haven't exactly felt like diving in to any projects after I get home from work. This weekend was gloriously plan free. Yesterday I was able to hang the art show that I curated with my brother and spend some time with the family. Today I actually had time around the house to get things done. Most of my time was spent on things like sweeping and yard work, just maintenance things that needed to be done. I did however finally get around to painting the bathroom! Well ok, it's not totally done but almost :-) I still need to go back and touch up a few more areas with a second coat. Still, it's looking lots better than it's previous state where it looked like someone attacked with a paintbrush but lost interest halfway through the job (which is exactly what happened). I'm still incredibly sick of room painting but I powered through, here are some pictures.

Like I said, I am super bored of painting. I have to do something to entertain myself :-)

More painting procrastination, I took a break to photograph myself in the mirror. I am also brilliantly painting in my new dress, amazingly enough I didn't get any paint on it.

That's looking more like it, mostly done with painting

I really went around and around about what color wall would go best with the warm green tile. Working with funky original tile colors is always a challenge, I like the gray/green combo though.

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