Sunday, August 7, 2011

Planting In Unconventional Containers

This is a trend I've been dying to try, I've seen a lot of people planting things in old tins lately and I totally love it! For example, see this image from pinterest:

I have an old oatmeal tin that I have been saving to try this with so this weekend broke off a few cuttings from some of my succulent plants and repotted them in the tin. I think it looks lovely! Now I just have to find some more old tins I can use for this purpose (assume this works and they actually live).

My version of the tin planting trend. 

I'm sure there are all kinds of containers that would be awesome for planting that I have never even thought of. Maybe it's time for me to scour the garage and see what I can come up with.

In other planting news my red bell peppers are finally getting ripe. I've already been able to harvest and use some of my Thai Hot Peppers and my Jalepeno Peppers and use them in my cooking. I have been waiting patiently all Summer for the red bell peppers to be ready and now they are almost there.

It's pretty tiny but I'm still proud of it :-)

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