Monday, August 15, 2011

More Bargain Hunting

Acquiring all the things you want for your house takes time, and if you want to save a bunch of money on these things then it also takes a lot of patience. You can spend weeks or months cruising yard sales and thrift stores before finding just what you want. After months of looking the perfect wine rack to fit in the space on top of our refrigerator Eric finally found the perfect thing at a thrift store. I'm pretty happy about it, it's great to have a place for our wine and frequently used liqueur bottles and it fits snuggly in the previously unused space on top of the fridge but below the cabinets.

New wine rack, it's simple but the perfect shape and the metal and wood suits us nicely

Another great way to score bargains other than yard sales and thrift stores is taking advantage of coupons. I don't know if this is true of everyone who buys a house but for us one of the perks of home ownership has been the amazing coupons that started showing up in our mailbox. I pretty regularly get all kinds of crazy deals for food or car maintenance and even occasionally for clothes and home goods. I've been getting "Kohls cash" about once a month since I moved in here in the amount of $10. The best part is that there is no minimum purchase so if you buy something for under $10 it's just free! I'm still totally amazed by that.. So I have been wanting a little chip and dip platter for a while now and have been keeping my eyes open for one. When I got my Kohls cash this month I headed up to my local Kohls and bummed around their clearance section. Lo and behold there was the perfect chip and dip bowl. It was regular $38, on clearance for $7. Know how much it cost me? That's right, zip :-) I left the store feeling pretty savvy and proud of myself.

Chips and dips in the same serving vessel, brilliant!

So while it may take a long time to get some of the things we want for our kitchen or our house in general it is totally worth the wait to find these kinds of deals. Besides, if you think of bargain hunting as a game it's pretty fun. Life would be pretty boring if we got everything we wanted right away anyway, the search for great finds is the exciting part.

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